Deadpool & Wolverine: New Poster Released

2024 nears, bringing the highly-anticipated “Deadpool & Wolverine” to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman reprise their titular roles, marking Deadpool’s debut in the MCU. The film promises Marvel-themed products and promotions. A new poster unveiled at CCXP Mexico showcases the excitement surrounding the upcoming release.

The poster features Deadpool, Wolverine, Vanessa, Blind Al, and Colossus depicted on prayer candles, as seen below:

What Is Deadpool & Wolverine About?

Deadpool & Wolverine was helmed by Shawn Levy from a script written by Bob’s Burgers‘ Wendy Molyneaux and Lizzie Molyneaux-Loeglin, with Deadpool and Deadpool 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick also returning to contribute to the script. Not much is known about the plot, but there has been a lot of speculation and exciting teases.

Reynolds previously expressed his desire for Jackman’s return in an interview with Collider. He had pitched a Deadpool/Wolverine film to Kevin Feige shortly after Disney acquired Fox. Though initially unfeasible, Jackman later unexpectedly expressed interest in reprising his role. Reynolds emphasizes that he conveyed Jackman’s enthusiasm to Feige, who shared his passion for the project. He invites Jackman to elaborate on the specifics of their conversation.

During an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Levy addressed numerous rumors about the film and discussed its connection to the wider MCU.

Despite being cautious due to past experiences, the speaker emphasizes that the topic is deeply integrated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They express their gratitude for the access and support provided by the MCU.

Mark your calendars for July 26th, as the highly anticipated film Deadpool & Wolverine is set to grace the silver screens.

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