Hunter x Hunter Fans Rise with Manga Teasers

Hunter x Hunter’s creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, has resumed work on the manga after a lengthy hiatus. Chapter 400 was released in late 2022, marking the end of one of the series’ longest breaks. Ten new chapters were released in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, leaving fans eagerly anticipating Togashi’s continued work despite his ongoing health issues.

Following Chapter 400’s release, *Hunter x Hunter* went on hiatus with no indication of a return date. However, the creator, Togashi, recently shared updates on the manga’s creation process via social media. A similar occurrence several years ago preceded the series’ full return. Consequently, fans are enthusiastic about the recent updates, as they suggest a potential return for the beloved anime.

When Is Hunter x Hunter Coming Back? 

Despite fans’ eagerness, the return date for “Hunter x Hunter” with complete chapters remains uncertain. Upon its hiatus in 2022, Shueisha’s editorial department released a statement acknowledging Togashi’s health concerns and announcing an alternative publication format for the manga beyond Chapter 401.

Shueisha will support the creator, Togashi-Sensei, throughout and beyond the hiatus. Sensei will continue writing chapters, while the editorial department provides ongoing support until the manga’s completion. Specific publication details will be announced in future Weekly Shonen Jump issues.

Despite concerns from Togashi about the possibility of not completing the series, he has hinted at its potential ending should he be unable to do so. As new releases continue, fans remain hopeful for the manga’s eventual return in the near future.

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