One Piece Welcomes Back Garp With New Rescue Mission

With the Egghead Arc in full swing, the anime adaptation of *One Piece* has reached a pivotal moment. The latest episode’s cliffhanger has set the stage for Monkey D. Garp’s return to the fray, embarking on a perilous rescue mission. While the Straw Hats navigate their encounters with Dr. Vegapunk and the looming threat of the World Government, a parallel storyline unfolds, adding further depth to the ongoing narrative.

With the focus on Luffy and the Straw Hats’ future escape from Dr. Vegapunk’s laboratory, updates from the wider world reveal chaos in the seas after Big Mom and Kaido’s defeat on Wano. Notably, Koby’s capture by Blackbeard’s crew sparks Garp’s mobilization for an assault on the Emperor’s territory to rescue Koby.

One Piece: What’s Next for Garp? 

Episode 1103 of “One Piece” explores the World Government’s response to Helmeppo’s plea for help regarding Koby’s plight. However, the episode concludes with a dramatic twist as Garp arrives to initiate an attack on the pirate island in a rescue attempt. While Garp’s mission takes center stage, it is only one among the intricate storylines that will unfold during the Egghead Arc.

“One Piece” Episode 1103 has unveiled the escalating chaos on the titular island and Garp’s impending rescue mission. The episode also revealed Law’s defeat by Blackbeard, Kid’s arrival at the giant island Elbaph, and the anticipation of future developments in these storylines over upcoming episodes.

One Piece: Egghead Arc’s latest episodes can now be streamed weekly on Crunchyroll and Netflix, coinciding with their initial release in Japan.

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