The Walking Dead’s “A” and “B” Meaning Revealed

“A’s” and “B’s” were a mystery in three Walking Dead shows. Later, we learned that the three-ring group Jadis was involved with is the Civic Republic Military (CRM). CRM used a binary classification system, labeling Rick, Negan, and Gabriel as “A’s.” However, Jadis later notified CRM that she had a “B”: an injured Rick.

The CRM helicopter pilot informed Jadis that an “A” was required for her extraction from the junkyard to the Civic Republic, a Philadelphia-based hidden city with 200,000 survivors. Jadis initially claimed to have an “A” prepared, but after Rick destroyed a bridge filled with walkers, she admitted to the pilot, “I have a ‘B,’ not an ‘A.’ I never had an ‘A.’ He’s injured but strong.” Jadis rescued Rick but later traded him to the Civic Republic army in exchange for entry into the hidden civilization, where Rick has been held captive for the last eight years.

In the premiere of “The Years,” it is revealed that Rick spent six years after the bridge as a consignment under CRM Lt. Col. Donald Okafor, who recruited him into the military despite his failed escape attempts. For the following two years, Rick advanced through the CRM ranks as a helicopter pilot and soldier, alongside Pearl Thorne, as part of Okafor’s secret program.

“The CRM categorizes individuals as either ‘A’s or ‘B’s,” Okafor elaborates. “An ‘A’ possesses an unwavering strength, a willingness to sacrifice for their beliefs, and inspires loyalty. Conversely, ‘B’s are ordinary people focused on survival. Those we encounter and bring within our circle are typically categorized as ‘B’s. While ‘B’s are accepted into our society, ‘A’s are ruthlessly disposed of, as evidenced by the fate that befell both of you.”

Rick and Thorne were appointed as “A’s.” However, Okafor persuaded CRM Major General Beale (Terry O’Quinn) to let them infiltrate the consignment and then the army. Okafor sought capable leaders to advance within the ranks and transform the CRM from within, unbeknownst to Beale and the army – a covert operation. “I am convinced that ‘A’s’ who emerge as soldiers and leaders hold the potential to be the catalyst for change within the CRM,” Okafor confides in his trusted Sergeant Majors.

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In “The Walking Dead: World Beyond,” the fates of the “A’s” test subjects in the CRM’s zombie experiments were disclosed. Project Votus, where live subjects were studied through death, was spearheaded by Beale and former CRM Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek. However, it was Dr. Lyla Belshaw, a scientist at the CR Research Facility, who carried out these clandestine experiments.

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The CRM employs a technique involving suffocating “A’s” with green liquid chlorine gas while observing their transformation. This research aims to unveil the mechanisms behind the undead’s animation, resilience, and voraciousness. By understanding and potentially “turning off” these triggers, the CRM seeks to eliminate the undead as a threat and eradicate them globally, paving the way for a possible cure for the zombie virus.

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