Michonne’s New Group in The Walking Dead: Explained

Years later, fans finally learned about the mystery group Michonne joined in her final “Walking Dead” episode. After searching Bloodsworth Island for weapons, Michonne discovered Rick’s belongings on a wrecked ship. Traveling north, she encountered Aiden and Bailey, two stragglers following a caravan with countless survivors. Despite their assertion that they would be left behind, Michonne assisted the pair.

The “Gone” episode of The Ones Who Live disclosed that the group operates as a mobile community, led by Elle (Erin Anderson). Elle enforces a strict no-stop protocol, emphasizing that halting for individuals could jeopardize their entire community. “We prioritize our community and adhere to its rules,” Elle stated. “We don’t stop, for trying to save a few, we risk losing many. This is how we have endured.”

Michonne's New Group in The Walking Dead: Explained

Michonne declined Elle’s invitation to their community, stating, “I don’t abandon others.” Tinkerer Nat (Matthew August Jeffers) shared a similar sentiment, assuring Elle of their abilities to protect individuals. In gratitude for Michonne’s rescue of his companions, Aiden and Bailey, Nat provided her with weaponry and armor to support her journey to Bridgers Terminal. This gear will prove crucial as she faces the Wailing, a vast migration of walkers known as a herd spanning a five-mile radius.

As Michonne’s northward journey was blocked by a herd at the Delaware border, Aiden, Bailey, and Nat joined her alongside numerous other survivors who had separated from Elle’s group. They accompanied Michonne in her search for Rick. However, Michonne and Nat were the sole survivors after a CRM helicopter released lethal chlorine gas upon their group. The airstrike was strategic, as Michonne’s group was inadvertently encroaching on the Civic Republic of Philadelphia, the “hidden city” that the Civic Republic Military sought to conceal at any cost.

Michonne's New Group in The Walking Dead: Explained

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple explains that Michonne prioritizes helping others, even when her group believes it’s impractical. Despite others adhering to a pragmatic mindset, Michonne’s compassion resonates with some, leading to a small group joining her. This breakaway group faces an unexpected and violent attack by an unidentified force.

“The reason is that they were getting close to Philadelphia,” Gimple continued. “They weren’t knocking on the door of it, but if the CRM sees a caravan of people moving north in New Jersey, they’re just going to eliminate them. It’s that attack that builds a great deal of hatred in Michonne towards [the CRM].” 

Michonne finds herself stranded as a CRM consignee on the outskirts of the C.R.P., plotting an escape with her long-lost husband, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

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