The Walking Dead Refresher: Jadis

Jadis, the leader of the Scavengers, described her group as “We take. We don’t bother.” After leaving “The Walking Dead” with Rick Grimes, she reappeared as a warrant officer in the CRM on “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.” Now, in “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live,” she has reunited with Rick.

For an overview of the villain Jadis from “The Walking Dead” and its spin-off “The Walking Dead: World Beyond,” explore our comprehensive breakdown on “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.”

The Walking Dead Refresher: Jadis

Jadis bartered with the Civic Republic Military (CRM) by providing them with individuals in exchange for necessities. During a supply run, Heath vanished, leaving behind a cryptic keycard bearing the initials “PPP.” Later, it came to light that Jadis had made a deal with the CRM, trading Heath for essential supplies like canned goods and applesauce. This transaction marked the debut of the CRM’s three-circle insignia on “The Walking Dead.”

Initially agreeing to aid Rick’s rebellion against Negan, Jadis ultimately betrayed him. In the episode “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life,” it was revealed that Negan offered Jadis’ Scavengers 10 people (reduced from 12) in exchange for their assistance, citing that “people are a resource.” However, Jadis left empty-handed when reinforcements from the Hilltop and Kingdom arrived to expel the Saviors and Scavengers from Alexandria.

In “The King, the Widow, and Rick,” Jadis held Rick in a container marked “A.” Later, she revealed she was trading “A” individuals for extraction. After Rick’s bridge explosion, Jadis found him and told the helicopter pilot she had a “B.” The CRM took both Rick and Jadis. “The Ones Who Live” showed that “A’s” are leaders sent away to be killed, while “B’s” are followers who survive.

In The Walking Dead’s “Warning Signs,” Jadis acknowledges the existence of the Civic Republic. She initially intended to trade Father Gabriel to the CRM, but on World Beyond, she reveals that she ultimately gave them Rick Grimes in exchange for entry into the Republic.

Their trash talk was a form of theater, a means to create a distinct society amidst the chaos. After the Saviors’ attack, Jadis abandoned her broken English, revealing that this unique language had been a strategy to foster a bond among the Scavengers. “When you want to build a civilization quickly,” Jadis explained, “give people their own language and a shared performative experience. The shared theater creates an unbreakable connection and distinguishes them from outsiders.”

Jadis adopted Father Gabriel’s surname, Anne, upon assimilating into Alexandria after the war with Negan. However, when she resurfaced on “World Beyond,” she assumed a new name, CRM Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes. According to Pollyanna McIntosh, Jadis’s choice to take a new name was a nod to her past with Gabriel, whom she “loved and respected” despite betraying him. McIntosh believes that Jadis’s use of Stokes’ surname serves as a reminder of her actions and her respect for Gabriel’s memory.

Jadis believes wholeheartedly in the Civic Republic, convinced it represents the last hope for civilization. “Its purpose,” she states, “is to create a new era on this planet.” The Republic’s military has the mandate of eradicating the undead and restoring the world to the living.

Jadis has killed thousands of people. World Beyond revealed that Jadis helped carry out the “tactical military operations” ordered by then-Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond) and CRM Major General Beale (Terry O’Quinn). The CRM destroyed the Omaha Safe-Zone (population: 97,407), its smaller satellite community, the Campus Colony (9,671), and then targeted Portland, Oregon (population: 87,000) with a chlorine gas bioweapon. 

According to Jadis, the Alliance of the Three – a pact between the Civic Republic of Philadelphia, Omaha, and Portland – was eliminated by the CRM due to their “excessive reliance” and “strain on the Civic Republic’s resources,” potentially endangering the hidden city’s substantial population. Jadis rationalized their actions, stating that the smaller communities would inevitably face a severe famine, resulting in deaths and potentially threatening the Civic Republic itself with disease and conflict. “By ending it quickly, we made the choice to spare them that,” she said, expressing the belief that this decision ensured humanity’s survival.

Jadis blackmails Rick, threatening to harm those in Alexandria if they attempt to escape the CRM together. Her blackmail is backed by a dead man’s switch that would expose Rick and Michonne to the CRM, resulting in deadly consequences for Alexandria. Jadis emphasizes the CRM’s code of security and secrecy, reminding Rick that the well-being of the community must come before personal desires.

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