Chandler Riggs is Spider-Man in New Trailer

Chandler Riggs, formerly Carl Grimes on “The Walking Dead,” now portrays Peter Parker in a fan-made Spider-Man film. The non-profit film is inspired by the Marvel comics but unaffiliated with Marvel, Sony, or Disney.

The <em>Spider</em> film brings a horror element to the beloved Spider-Man character. Despite numerous live-action and animated adaptations, the creators sought to create a spine-tingling twist on the iconic hero. The trailer states, “A new horror take on Spider-Man.” The locustgarden account on YouTube posted the trailer, showcasing the team’s talent for transforming popular characters into eerie counterparts. Previously, their <em>Shrek</em>-inspired Fiona short film garnered a staggering 2.9 million views.

The Spider, directed and written by Andy Chen, is produced by Artin John and Kealani Kitaura. It stars Chandler Riggs, along with Caylee Cowan, Matthew Vorce, Kyra Gardner, Holgie Forrester, Carl Addicott, David Rice, Andrew Hernon, Kealani Kitaura, Ronan Arthur, and Ben Thomas.

Riggs has launched his own production company and recently disclosed to that he’s collaborated on a new project with former “The Walking Dead” co-stars, distinct from his “The Spider” short film.

“It’s a short film that I’m directing and producing with my roommate, also part of the production company,” Riggs explained. “It features Katelyn and Madison Lintz, who portrayed Sophia in the show, along with other actor friends. It’s a thrilling short film, and we’ve received a fantastic grant from Panavision. We’re committed to delivering a high-quality production.”

Get ready for Chandler Riggs’ thrilling debut as Spider-Man in ‘The Spider’! Join the conversation in the comments and share your thoughts on his upcoming projects.

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