The Walking Dead: Shocking Return Addressed by Star (Exclusive)

Pollyanna McIntosh joined “The Walking Dead” in Season 7 as Jadis, a Scavenger leader who communicated with limited words and resided in a trash heap. Initially known as Jadis, she later revealed her true name to be Anne. Despite losing her community, she formed bonds within Alexandria and played a crucial role in saving Rick Grimes before his departure. Anne’s significance extends beyond “The Walking Dead,” as she has appeared in “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” and will return for “The Ones Who Live,” establishing her as a key figure in the Civic Republic.

McIntosh’s return as Jadis has sparked strong viewer reactions in her interactions with Rick Grimes. Despite their strained relationship, McIntosh’s performance has conveyed the brewing tensions between the two characters.

For McIntosh, returning to “The Walking Dead” is exhilarating. Her directorial debut and other projects since joining the franchise have been fulfilling.

“Being a part of such a close-knit family has been comforting and joyous,” McIntosh said. “It fosters growth, and I’ve experienced that with these people, even more so than before. I’ve always been selective about my projects, aiming for good work with good people and stories aligned with my values. But ‘Walking Dead’ has been an exceptional experience for me.”

The full interview with McIntosh, which includes spoilers for “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” through its third episode, can be found below.

A complete analysis of the latest episode is available in the video above. Weekly recaps and reviews are published on the ComicBook YouTube channel.

The Walking Dead: Shocking Return Addressed by Star (Exclusive)
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Since appearing on “The Walking Dead,” my experiences in the zombie world have significantly influenced my acting and directing work. It taught me valuable lessons that I carry into every project. The intense and demanding nature of the show enhanced my resilience and adaptability. I developed a deeper understanding of character development and the ability to convey complex emotions in challenging situations. The collaborative environment fostered teamwork and open communication, skills crucial for successful directing endeavors.

Being part of a close-knit family on “The Walking Dead” has brought McIntosh comfort and joy. It has fostered her growth both professionally and personally. The show’s dedicated fan base has provided her with stability and inspiration to continue pursuing meaningful projects. She values the opportunity to learn from fellow actors, recognizing the impact they can have on fans.

The show provided a platform for my growth and collaborations. Highly respected individuals like Andy Lincoln have contributed to the show’s success. Despite my limited experience in television before The Walking Dead, I have gained valuable insights from my subsequent involvement in various series. I’ve learned about efficient production practices and the importance of creating a positive work environment on a TV set. These experiences have significantly shaped my overall perspective.

Stepping into the world of “The Walking Dead” again felt special. The relocation to New Jersey and the combination of new and familiar faces added a fresh dynamic to the experience. It was like revisiting a beloved role after a brief absence, with the added excitement of exploring uncharted territories within the show’s universe.

– Working with the original wardrobe designer is nostalgic and exciting.
– The wardrobe designer has shared old stories and insights from the show.
– Collaborating with Andy is a pleasure due to his open, communicative, and collaborative nature.
– Every take with Andy brings something new and builds upon their collective vision.
– Despite nerves on the first day, Andy’s presence provides reassurance and confidence.
– The first scene shot with Andy serves as a testament to the positive and supportive work environment.

Michonne continues to captivate as a beloved character in the Walking Dead universe. New additions like Leslie Ann-Brandt and Matthew August Jeffers showcase their exceptional acting skills, seamlessly embodying their roles. The series delivers on fans’ expectations, showcasing the combined efforts of the talented cast and crew. This seamless collaboration translates into a truly satisfying viewing experience, confirming the show’s continued success within the beloved franchise.

When did you learn that your character Anne / Jadis would play a crucial role in Rick’s departure, return, and the CRM? Did you always know this was your role in the universe, or has it evolved over time?

Five months prior to leaving the flagship, I was informed of my departure. While I knew this was imminent, maintaining secrecy was challenging. However, it aligns with the world of The Walking Dead, where secrets are guarded to enhance the fan experience.

Rolling out episodes individually is nostalgic and allows for fan discussions between episodes, akin to “water cooler moments,” which are not as common in the binge-watching era. This approach brings a sense of satisfaction, fostering a sense of community among fans.

During the pandemic, Scott contacted me about a potential role in “World Beyond.” He thought there might be a great fit for me in season two. I eagerly agreed and expressed my desire to return to the character, embracing any new hairstyles that might come with it.

Back in your “trash heap” days, a moment went viral when something flew by in the background. Viewers speculated if it was a movie mistake or intentional. It turned out your character was directly connected to helicopters, possibly by a happy accident or intentional design.

<strong>PI:</strong> It was not a mistake!

In the scene from season seven or eight, did your actions stem from an error or were they deliberate?

I remember the moment when Andy was up there in season seven and they were filming with a green screen. They said the heap would be really expanded, and I couldn’t wait to see what it would look like. But when I watched it, I was disappointed because it seemed like they had messed up. However, they eventually made it all work out.

I inquired about the helicopter pad with Scott Gimple. He initially expressed regret, claiming it was an oversight. However, upon further investigation, it became clear that it was an intentional plot element. Gimple’s initial denial was a deliberate misdirection to preserve the secrecy of the storyline. I commend him for this skillful deception, which allowed the showrunners to build the plot to a satisfying conclusion for the fans.

Anne’s protectiveness towards the CRM stems from her deep understanding of its importance. Her history within the community and awareness of its potential benefits for survival drive her to prioritize its safety and stability above all else. This includes preventing individuals like Rick from leaving, as she believes it could jeopardize the CRM’s well-being.

Jadis’s role as leader in the Scavengers’ junkyard involved significant sacrifices and losses, sparking a moment of vulnerability for her. Feeling guilty for failing to protect her people, she recognized that her rigid methods had failed and caused their demise. The cruelty of Simon and her own inability to safeguard her followers played crucial roles in her development, alongside the realization of the transient nature of existence. The show’s strength lies in its unpredictable and volatile nature, where any outcome is possible.

She underwent a gradual transformation. The hair, language, and solitude conveyed her inner struggle. She faced difficult choices, choosing safety over leadership and protection over isolation. Despite her efforts, trust and acceptance eluded her. Jadis relentlessly seeks a sense of purpose and belonging, balancing a desire for safety with a need to contribute. She avoids conforming within a group, constantly searching for her place in a world where she can find both security and a meaningful role.

Despite joining the extraordinary Civic Republic, she felt the need to actively participate and lead. Her artistic nature found expression in service to the community. She firmly believes in the CRM’s mission to save humanity and considers its goals the “last light of the world.” However, she views Rick’s idealistic approach as naive and selfish, as he is willing to sacrifice everything for personal reasons.

Despite our disgust at her actions, we remain captivated by her journey. While we may question her cruel choices, she sees them as a necessary sacrifice. In her mind, saving lives outweighs her personal desires. This is her belief within the CRM, where she must suppress her emotions and focus solely on her responsibilities.

With three episodes remaining in “The Ones Who Live,” Denai Gurira’s phenomenal episode four sets the stage for the second half and finale. How do you anticipate the audience’s response to these culminating episodes?

We can hope that viewers are enthralled by the journey and satisfied by the conclusion. However, diverse perspectives are inevitable, and this adds to the enjoyment. Embracing the nuances and challenges presented by the universe ensures a fulfilling experience.

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