Chronicles of Riddick Sequel With Vin Diesel Gets Production Start Date

Vin Diesel will reprise his role as Richard B. Riddick in the fourth installment of the “Riddick” franchise, titled “Riddick: Furya.” The film, which will begin production on August 26th, will shoot in Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Diesel will also produce the film through his One Race Films banner. “Riddick: Furya” does not yet have a North American distributor or a release date.

Riddick: Furya is the latest installment in the sci-fi franchise that includes Pitch Black (2000), The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), and Riddick (2013), all directed by David Twohy. The first three films became cult classics, earning a combined $267 million globally. Riddick: Furya is written by Ken and Jim Wheat, who co-wrote Pitch Black with Twohy.

What Is Riddick: Furya About?

Riddick ventures back to his enigmatic home world, Furya, haunted by memories and fears of devastation. Amidst this turmoil, a relentless monster threatens the very existence of his people. As Riddick uncovers the intricate lives of the Furyans, he discovers a striking kinship that he never anticipated.

“Legion fans’ years-long demand will be fulfilled with the highly anticipated release of *Riddick: Furya*,” remarked Twhoy about the upcoming project.

Twhoy’s collaboration with Vin Diesel and One Race over the past two decades has resulted in three films, two video games, an anime production, and internet motion comics. This new cinematic event marks a pivotal return to Riddick’s homeworld, where his origins will be unveiled.

Will There Be a Riddick Spinoff?

The Riddick universe has expanded with various offshoots, including motion comics, novels, and video games. Vin Diesel has consistently expressed his interest in continuing the franchise, announcing plans for a fourth film and a spinoff television series starring himself. Since 2016, there have been ongoing updates regarding “Furya,” with Diesel suggesting it could serve as an origin story for Riddick.

Diesel previously stated that David Twohy crafted an excellent script for the fourth chapter in the series set to film in Australia. He emphasized that it’s a matter of timing before the opportunity arises to commence filming.

“Our success with Escape From Butcher Bay was significant,” Diesel remarked. “It feels like ages ago. We would likely incorporate an additional chapter if we revisited the gaming platform. Nevertheless, the movie script is complete, indicating that we are progressing towards filming Riddick’s fourth installment.”

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