Pandemic Inspired ‘Kagurabachi’ Manga Creation

Less than a year after its debut in *Shonen Jump*, *Kagurabachi* has become a certified hit. The manga gained viral fame before its first chapter was released and has quickly become an integral part of the magazine’s lineup. Notably, the pandemic played a significant role in its creation.

Inspired by the pandemic in 2020, Takeru Hokazono, the creator of *Kagurabachi*, ventured into a career in manga while quarantined at home.

Despite majoring in product design and creating furniture and chairs, I’ve always had a passion for drawing, especially manga. Though I neglected it in university, my love for “Naruto” rekindled my interest. Manga has always captivated me, and the aspiration to become a manga artist has been lingering in my mind.

During the pandemic in spring 2020, my university transitioned to online classes, giving me more time at home. Inspired, I began drawing and learning from online resources, initially finding it challenging. However, I persevered and decided to drop out of university in my sophomore year to pursue manga full-time. I recognized that its difficulty demanded more than a hobbyist approach.

Hokazono’s decision to pursue his intuition with “Kagurabachi” has proven highly successful. The series has released two volumes, amassing over 200,000 global sales. Recognized as a top contender in “Shonen Jump,” it has garnered acclaim from renowned creators like the author of “My Hero Academia.” For those yet to experience the manga’s charms, it is highly recommended to explore its intriguing narrative and compelling characters.

Discover more about Kagurabachi by reading its official synopsis below.

In a world where swords reign supreme, young Chihiro aspires to become a renowned swordsmith like his illustrious father. The jovial father and earnest son cherished their time together, believing it would endure eternally. However, tragedy struck, leaving a trail of blood and shattered dreams. Driven by an unrelenting thirst for vengeance, Chihiro wields his blade with unmatched skill, embarking on an epic journey filled with astounding sword battles.

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