Terry O’Quinn Never Watched The Walking Dead Before Joining New Series

Terry O’Quinn initially felt lost in the world of “The Walking Dead.” O’Quinn, known for roles in “Lost,” “Hawaii Five-0,” and “Patriot,” makes his debut as CRM Major General Beale in “The Ones Who Live,” a series that delves into the Civic Republic Military’s history. As O’Quinn’s character unravels, he shares his realization of becoming part of the beloved “Walking Dead” universe.

“Having never watched ‘The Walking Dead’, I was finally introduced to the zombie phenomenon,” O’Quinn explained. “When I realized the popularity, it was like missing a train. By the time I became aware of it, it had gained significant momentum, and I had difficulty catching up.”

Despite missing the initial opportunity to join “The Walking Dead,” O’Quinn found a suitable entry point into the franchise through its spin-offs. With the support of Scott M. Gimple, O’Quinn joined the “TWD” universe, which now includes “World Beyond,” “Dead City,” and “Daryl Dixon.”

Scott informed me of the show, but I expressed my unfamiliarity with it. He offered to provide me with necessary information. I initially found the depiction of gore and violence in the show off-putting, as it prevented me from sleeping comfortably. However, upon viewing the zombies, I developed a connection with the show.

Lesley-Ann Brandt, known for her role in “Lucifer,” joined the “undead franchise” as CRM Sgt. Major Pearl Thorne. To prepare for her role alongside Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, Brandt immersed herself in the series, consuming all 11 seasons and 177 episodes in under three weeks.

“Binge-watching the entire series, covering multiple seasons in just three weeks, immersed me in the ‘Walking Dead’ world,” Brandt said. “This helped me grasp the show’s tone and unique qualities of Rick and Michonne. I questioned their special bond, analyzed my character’s role in the narrative, and considered their similarities and differences. My character and Michonne share a strong, independent nature, which adds depth to their chemistry in this dangerous post-apocalyptic world.”

Fans will meet Beale and Thorne in “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” on February 25th on AMC and AMC+. Follow ComicBook/TWD on Facebook for more “TWD” Universe updates.

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