The Walking Dead Recap: Michonne

Since her husband was airlifted away in season 9 of “The Walking Dead,” Michonne has been determined to find Rick Grimes and reunite him with their children. In the premiere of “The Ones Who Live,” a spinoff series centered on their story, she finally found him. The episode ended with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers eager to see the long-awaited reunion between Rick and Michonne after an eight-year separation.

Episode 2 of “The Ones Who Live,” titled “Gone,” chronicles Michonne’s journey after “The Walking Dead.” For those who missed her final episodes or need a refresher, a comprehensive recap of the Rick & Michonne timeline is available.

Michonne is thoroughly examined below, providing all the essential information.

Why did Michonne leave The Walking Dead?

After departing “The Walking Dead” in season 10, Michonne found evidence of Rick’s potential survival during a mission to Bloodsworth Island. A boat carrying his belongings stumbled upon, suggesting he had survived the bridge explosion.

Inspired by a logbook documenting the boat’s travels and a walkie-talkie conversation with her daughter, Judith, Michonne embarked on a journey to find Rick. Judith’s plea to search for her father who may be in need of assistance motivated Michonne’s northward expedition.

What is Michonne’s new group on The Walking Dead?

Michonne encountered Aiden and Bailey, two stragglers trailing a massive caravan of hundreds of survivors traveling with horses and carriages. “They won’t wait for us,” Aiden stated, prompting Michonne to assist them in rejoining their group.

Did Rick and Michonne have a kid on The Walking Dead?

19 months after defeating Negan and the Saviors, Rick and Michonne continued to forge the future Carl Grimes envisioned. Michonne drafted a charter to establish laws for the survivors, while Rick led the construction of a bridge uniting the communities both physically and figuratively.

In “Warning Signs,” Rick advocated “another way to build for the future”: fatherhood. After the time jump in “Who Are You Now?,” it was revealed that Michonne and Rick conceived a child during that six-year period, resulting in the birth of their son, Rick “RJ” Grimes Jr.

When was Michonne pregnant on The Walking Dead?

Six years after Rick’s departure with the CRM, “The Walking Dead” revealed a flashback in “Scars.” Eight months after the bridge, a pregnant Michonne searched for Rick, encountering her former college roommate, Jocelyn. Jocelyn’s betrayal led to an infirmary raid, stolen food supplies, and the abduction of Alexandria’s children, including Judith.

What is the “X” scar on Michonne’s back?

When Michonne and Daryl tracked down Jocelyn and the abducted Alexandrian children to an abandoned school, they learned that Jocelyn trained her child cult to hunt and slaughter people like animals: “Marked our kill, kill our mark.” After Jocelyn’s children branded Daryl and the pregnant Michonne with “X” marks, they were forced to cut through and kill the savage kids to save Judith and the other kidnapped children. As a result, a physically and mentally scarred Michonne isolated the Alexandria-Safe Zone for the next six years.

Who is “the Brave Man”?

Michonne stayed connected with Judith via walkie-talkie. However, her search for Rick took her out of range. Using the call signs “Daitō” and “Shōtō,” they referred to Rick as “the Brave Man.” Judith’s son, RJ, adopted the nickname “Little Brave Man” to honor his father.

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