Dwayne Johnson Accused of Being Late to Set on ‘Red One’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s tardiness on the set of Amazon MGM’s action movie Red One has allegedly caused delays in its theatrical release. Despite a busy schedule, which includes Board of Directors roles at WWE and UFC, in-ring appearances at WrestleMania, and potential involvement in the Fast & Furious franchise, Johnson has prioritized other projects, including his upcoming collaboration with Chris Evans in Red One.

TheWrap reported Dwayne Johnson’s alleged tardiness on multiple projects, including “Red One.” The article attributed “Red One’s” inflated budget of over $250 million to Johnson’s lateness and unprofessionalism, as well as the producers’ lack of experience. Hiram Garcia of Seven Bucks Production, along with Amazon MGM’s Julie Rapaport and Glenn Gainor, are overseeing the production of “Red One.”

How The Rock was constantly late on Red One

Insiders claim The Rock would frequently arrive late to the Red One set, causing disruptions for the crew. Additionally, sources reported that Dwayne Johnson would urinate in a water bottle on set.

Dwayne Johnson reportedly relieves himself in a Voss water bottle when on set and away from his trailer. His team or a production assistant is responsible for disposing of the bottle.

“Red One” partner Amazon MGM denies any behind-the-scenes drama, stating that Dwayne Johnson and his production company, Seven Bucks, have been exceptional collaborators. A spokesperson emphasized the film’s strong testing results and the positive reception at CinemaCon, crediting Johnson’s contributions to the project. The studio specifically dismissed reports suggesting that Johnson arrived late to the set as “ridiculous and false.”

What is Dwayne Johnson’s Red One about?

An E.L.F. (Extremely Large and Formidable) operative teams up with an elite tracker to rescue Santa Claus after his abduction from the North Pole, embarking on a perilous mission to save Christmas from imminent peril.

Dwayne Johnson, Chris Evans, and J.K. Simmons headline the film, which debuts on November 15th.

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