Vinland Saga Creator Concerned About Hunter x Hunter Artist

Yoshihiro Togashi, the renowned manga artist behind masterpieces like “Yu Yu Hakusho” and “Hunter x Hunter,” commands immense respect within the fandom. His unparalleled talent and dedication have earned him iconic status. However, even geniuses require care. And if given the opportunity, the creator of “Vinland Saga” would eagerly assume the role of Togashi’s caretaker.

On social media, the creator of “Vinland Saga” expressed admiration for Yoshihiro after a netizen criticized them, stating that they would never reach Yoshihiro’s level. In response, the “Vinland Saga” creator acknowledged the sentiment.

Yukimura expressed admiration for the mangaka’s talent. However, he expressed concern over the mangaka’s health, stating, “I’ve heard that he’s not well. I’m worried about him.”

Yukimura, the artist, is known for his exceptional kindness within the industry. Given Yoshihiro’s history of health struggles, Yukimura’s concern comes as no surprise.

Yoshihiro’s health decline has been evident since Hunter x Hunter began in 1998. In recent years, he has spent more time on hiatus than working, leading to fan support and speculation about his condition. Recently, Yoshihiro teased his return to the series on social media, offering hope for the continuation of Hunter x Hunter.

If unfamiliar with *Hunter x Hunter*, the manga is easily accessible through Viz Media’s English publication. Find it on the Shonen Jump app for further information. Explore the official synopsis below:

Gon aspires to become a Hunter like his father and must pass the perilous Hunter Qualification Exam. Along his arduous journey, he faces countless challenges but gains unwavering support from newfound companions.

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