Magic: The Gathering’s Official Manga Arrives in the U.S.

Destroy All Humans. They Can’t Be Regenerated brings the beloved Magic: The Gathering to manga form, with Viz Media publishing it in the United States soon. Wizards of the Coast has previously collaborated with Godzilla, Hatsune Miku, and others for special Magic: The Gathering cards, and this manga adaptation has been a success in Japan.

**Destroy All Humans: They Can’t Be Regenerated Manga Licensed for English Release** Originally created by Katsura Ise and Takuma Yokota, the manga follows two students in the 1990s who bond over their shared passion for Magic: The Gathering. Debuting as a one-shot in 2018, the series has since expanded to 15 volumes. Viz Media recently announced the licensing of Destroy All Humans: They Can’t Be Regenerated for an English language release this fall.

What Is the Magic: The Gathering Manga?

Katsura Ise and Takuma Yokota’s “Destroy All Humans. They Can’t Be Regenerated” began as a one-shot and has been serialized since 2018 in Monthly Shonen Ace magazine. In collaboration with Wizards of the Coast, Viz Media will release the English version in the Fall, including an exclusive trading card.

In the upcoming Magic: The Gathering manga series, “Destroy All Humans. They Can’t Be Regenerated,” Tokigawa Middle School student Hajime Kano’s perpetual second place to honor student Emi Sawatari takes an unexpected twist. Visiting a game store, Hajime is introduced to the world of Magic: The Gathering, shaping the early years of a generation.

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