One Piece Art Creates Hilarious Oppenheimer Crossover

One Piece has had notable crossovers, like the Straw Hat Pirates teaming up with the Z-Fighters. While they haven’t had historical figure crossovers, one fan artist imagined Dr. Vegapunk, a key character in the final arc, in an unexpected setting. Vegapunk, who revealed secrets to the Straw Hats, is depicted as a “destroyer of worlds.”

Upon arriving at Future Island after the War For Wano, Luffy and his crew encountered Dr. Vegapunk, a renowned scientist. Despite his past affiliation with the World Government, Vegapunk divulged crucial information about Devil Fruits to the anime heroes.

In the manga, Vegapunk made a groundbreaking revelation that will have a significant impact on the anime adaptation. While the timing of this revelation’s animated debut remains uncertain, its potential to captivate the anime community is immense.

Vegapunk x Oppenheimer

Dr. Vegapunk bears a striking resemblance to Albert Einstein, inspiring fan art depicting him as a “destroyer of worlds.” Despite his efforts to atone for past mistakes, Vegapunk remains under pursuit by the World Government. His significant contributions have played a pivotal role in the ongoing final saga witnessed in both the anime and manga.

Dr vegapunk
u/Stich_kun_draws in

Creator Eiichiro Oda has not yet revealed the number of chapters remaining before the conclusion of “One Piece.” Based on the length of past arcs, the series may continue for years before the Straw Hats’ departure. The future of Vegapunk remains uncertain, but his legacy will significantly impact the Grand Line.

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