Not Another Church Movie Star Kevin Daniels Discusses Character Range and Collaborations

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Led by Johnny Mack’s direction and writing, “Not Another Church Movie” satirizes Tyler Perry’s filmography. Featuring an all-star cast, the film stars Jamie Foxx, Mickey Rourke, Vivica A. Fox, Tisha Campbell, Jasmine Guy, Kyla Pratt, and Lamorne Morris.

Kevin Daniels (from “Will Trent” and “Frasier”) plays multiple characters, including “Taylor Pharry” and “MaDude Himms.” In a recent interview with, Daniels discussed the experience of working with such esteemed actors.

“It was quite demanding, having to play multiple roles,” Daniels said. “They had me wearing wigs, sweating, and cracking jokes. But I enjoyed it.”

Despite the film’s low budget, Daniels and the team aimed to maximize their resources. However, due to the constraints, they had to be flexible in their shooting schedule, sometimes alternating between different character scenes in a single day.

“That was essentially the gist of it, but we had a blast,” Daniels said. “I had a great team supporting me, and worked with an incredible cast. Johnny Mack, our director, encouraged us to improvise and enjoy ourselves. We were just kids cracking jokes and paying our respects to the legendary Tyler Perry.”

Daniels expressed his eagerness to connect with his fellow cast members during the chat.

“As a young child, Daniels was enamored. “I was starstruck,” she exclaimed. “Tisha Campbell from ‘Martin’? Jasmine Guy from ‘A Different World’? I’m acting alongside them? I was thrilled.”

Daniels recalls her interactions with the cast fondly. “I approached Jasmine Guy and asked for a photo. She was so gracious. Everyone was genuinely enjoying themselves. There was no pretension or egos involved.”

**Not Another Church Movie** premieres in theaters on May 10th. Follow along for additional highlights from our interview with Kevin Daniels.

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