Ryan Gosling Breaks Silence on Turning Down Darker Roles After Barbie

Ryan Gosling prioritizes the well-being of his family in his acting choices, ruling out “darker” roles. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Gosling expressed that the impact on his family outweighs the appeal of such roles. Gosling shares two children with partner Eva Mendes.

“I prioritize roles that align with my values,” Gosling explained. “My decisions are guided by my family and the well-being of those around me.”

“I believe ‘La La Land’ initiated the interest. It was like, ‘This will be enjoyable for them too since they’re practicing piano daily, dancing, and singing alongside me.’ Their fascination with Barbie and indifference towards Ken sparked inspiration. Notably, they were already creating Barbie films on their iPad, so when I embarked on a project involving Barbie, we felt a shared connection.”

Gosling Next Stars in The Fall Guy

In his new approach to roles, Gosling stars in “The Fall Guy,” which opens in theaters this week. Gosling portrays a stuntman forced back into action after a major movie star goes missing. Gosling recently made a surprise appearance at Universal Studios Hollywood’s WaterWorld stunt show to support the film, showcased in the “The Fall Guy Stuntacular Pre-Show.”

Gosling Also Recently Appeared At The Fall Guy Red Carpet As Beavis

Gosling and Mikey Day’s SNL appearance as Beavis and Butt-Head led to a hilarious red carpet crash at The Fall Guy premiere. Donning the iconic costumes, they disrupted an interview with Gosling’s co-star Emily Blunt, adding a touch of comedy to the event.

The SNL sketch that garnered attention had actually been in development for years before Gosling’s involvement, and its eventual success was a result of its long-term preparation.

“This sketch had been presented at table reads for five years,” explained Heidi Gardner of ‘SNL.’ “I was originally an audience member in the sketch, but I don’t recall the other castings. It had never progressed to a dress rehearsal.”

“Occasionally, a sketch may be cut on Friday night due to timing or its stage in production, as happened previously. I had not seen the costumes for this sketch, which Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell had persistently proposed, determined to perform it before leaving the show. They were adamant about it. Since Ryan is known for embracing playful ideas, they likely believed he would be receptive to it.”

*The Fall Guy* arrives in theaters on May 3rd.

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