Jerry Seinfeld’s New Movie Features A Crossover With This Beloved TV Series

Jerry Seinfeld’s new Netflix movie “Unfrosted” features a scene that’s sure to captivate viewers with a crossover cameo from a beloved character from one of the most popular TV shows of recent times.

Note: This content contains spoilers for Unfrosted!

Jerry Seinfeld’s character, “Bob Cabana,” leads the Kellogg’s team in a breakfast food rivalry against Post cereals’ Marjorie Post (Amy Schumer). Despite developing a shelf-stable breakfast pastry, the team struggled to finalize the product’s name and marketing strategy.

Consulting experts became necessary.

Unfrosted’s Mad Men Cameo Explained

Jerry Seinfeld's New Movie Features A Crossover With This Beloved TV Series
(Photo: Netflix)

In a hilarious crossover scene, Bob Cabana, his boss Edsel Kellogg III (Jim Gaffigan), and lead research scientist Donna Stankowski (Melissa McCarthy) join forces with the Sterling Cooper gang from “Mad Men”. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) takes the lead in the marketing pitch, supported by his “wing-man” Roger Sterling (John Slattery).

We get a classic Mad Men Don Draper pitch scene (if you know you know…), only in the comedic stylings of Unfrosted, Don goes way over the top with his idea, naming the breakfast pastry the “Jelle Jolie,” with marketing poster concepts using scantily-clad pin-up girls to sexualize the product. It’s a spot-on send-up when Gaffigan’s Ed Kellogg insists they are a family-friendly cereal company, and Don bullies them into either getting provocative or being irrelevant, while Roger not-so-subtly suggests that their sad little Michigan town could use a little more sexy seduction – that he is happy to provide himself. 

Unfrosted is set in the year 1963, which is the same time period in which Mad Men Season 3 takes place. Funny enough, it was in that third season that both Don and Roger saw their tomcat ways cause trouble in their respective marriages – ultimately ending Don’s. Unfrosted makes sure to let poke fun of the Mad Men bravado, with McCarthy’s character calling B.S. on Don’s line that “His pleasure is her pleasure too.” 

Despite the controversy surrounding the “Mad Men” crossover in “Unfrosted,” the film openly acknowledges its historical inaccuracies and embraces an absurdist and comedic tone. The “Mad Men” segment effectively satirizes the era while maintaining the film’s lighthearted spirit.

Indulge in the sweet delights of “Unfrosted” now streaming on Netflix.

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