Texas Chain Saw Massacre Coming to Pinball

David Blue Garcia’s 2022 reboot of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is coming to Zen Studios’ adult-themed pinball game, Pinball M.

“Put on the mask and rev the chainsaw – Leatherface returns to slaughter in pinball,” the team announced on Zen Studios’ Pinball Bites channel, where they shared details about what players can expect.

Further described as “one the most brutal pinball tables ever created,” the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball M table will have players step into the role of Leatherface to attack newcomers that are unfortunate enough to have wandered into your (pinball) town. Shooting the correct targets will allow players to sneak up on unsuspecting victims and create an epic bloodbath on a bus (like the one from the movie).

Our designer, Zoltan Vari, created a twisted table that captures the essence of the legendary character, as Pinball Bites says. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre pinball board boasts:

  • Play as Leatherface and terrorize the new arrivals who dare come into your town
  • Sneak up on unsuspecting victims by shooting the right targets to maim and massacre them
  • It’s a Bloodbath in the Bus! Lock 3 balls then watch the mayhem unfold
  • RNN RRNNN RRRNNN! Keep revving the chainsaw to start a frenzy mode for increased points
  • Complete all Main Modes to face off against the last survivors in Wizard Mode. Don’t let anyone escape!

Pinball X, a free download on various platforms, offers horror-themed pinball tables. The free version includes “Wrath of the Elder Gods: Director’s Cut,” while additional tables based on popular horror franchises, including “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” require separate DLC purchases.

Pinball M boasts an impressive roster of tables inspired by renowned properties, including:

– **Duke Nukem’s Big Shot Pinball** (3D Realms’ Duke Nukem)
– **System Shock Pinball** (Nightdive’s System Shock)
– **Dead By Daylight Pinball** (Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight)
– **The Thing Pinball** (inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing)
– **Chucky’s Killer Pinball** (Child’s Play)

Zen Studios also revealed that Super League Football, a classic pinball table, is arriving to Pinball FX on May 16th, “just in time to celebrate one of the world’s biggest sporting events.”

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball table comes to Pinball M June 6th, 2024. Will you be checking out the new table to create a bloodbath of your own?

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