Godzilla’s Obsession with Rome

The box office success of “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” is undeniable. As a sequel to the MonsterVerse series, the film united audiences thanks to its powerful duo of Kong and Godzilla. Kong’s captivating character arc takes center stage, while Godzilla shines in thrilling encounters with other kaiju. Now, the film’s official novelization reveals Godzilla’s intriguing obsession with Rome.

In the aftermath of Godzilla’s triumphant battle in Rome, the formidable titan’s might is evident. Having vanquished a familiar foe, Godzilla roars in victory, his cry reverberating through the Colosseum. As the dust settles, he retires to slumber within the ancient arena, his immense power on display for all to behold.

Godzilla selected Rome as a temporary residence due to its resemblance to his former temple. Lacking the nuclear energy of his previous home, Rome’s ancient architecture evokes memories of his time as a venerated deity. This familiarity alleviates his homesickness while he searches for a permanent base.

It has been confirmed that Godzilla experiences homesickness. This revelation is both unexpected and poignant.

As the MonsterVerse moves forward, we will have to see how Godzilla deals with his base. The leaders in Italy want Godzilla out of the Roman Colosseum, but there is only so much they can do to convince the titan to move. So maybe, the MonsterVerse is going to need to build a Colosseum replica just for Godzilla to nap in somewhere…!

Experience the epic clash of titans in “Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire,” now available in theaters. Discover the gripping details of the battle in the official novelization, available on Amazon and at bookstores near you.

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