Evil Dead Director Francis Galluppi Breaks Down His New Spinoff

An upcoming Evil Dead spinoff from filmmaker Sébastien Vaniček was announced earlier this year, followed by an unexpected reveal last month that filmmaker Francis Galluppi was also developing an adventure within the franchise. During the promotion of his film The Last Stop in Yuma County, Galluppi expressed his passion for the Evil Dead series and his excitement for his upcoming project within it, though he refrained from divulging substantial details. The Last Stop in Yuma County will release in theaters and digitally on May 10th.

Galluppi expressed his deep admiration for the Evil Dead franchise, crediting it as a catalyst for his filmmaking aspirations. Inspired by the original film’s innovative spirit and the joy depicted by its creators, Galluppi found accessible inspiration to pursue filmmaking. His office adorned with Evil Dead memorabilia reflects his enthusiasm and excitement for this project.

“I enjoy all the Evil Dead entries. I believe they’re well-crafted, and I appreciate each one for different reasons. Army of Darkness holds a special place in my heart as I watched it extensively growing up, and Evil Dead had a profound impact on me at 18. I also admire Fede Álvarez’s and Lee Cronin’s contributions. Ultimately, while I often return to the original Evil Dead for comfort, I enjoy watching all the installments, including the television show.”

In an effort to revive the Evil Dead franchise, the original creators Raimi, Campbell, and Tapert collaborated to develop “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” a TV series that continued the storyline from the iconic film trilogy. Running for three seasons, the series proved to be a more successful attempt at rekindling the popularity of the franchise.

“Every week during that show’s run, my house became the go-to party spot,” Galluppi enthused. “Friends gathered, we ordered pizza, and together we’d tune in to the latest episode of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead.’ It was a ritual I miss dearly.”

In the remote Arizona desert, a traveling knife salesman finds himself trapped in a dangerous hostage situation at a deserted rest stop. Two ruthless bank robbers, driven by desperation and a thirst for violence, take him and a young woman captive. As they wait for their escape route, the tension escalates, and the salesman must navigate a treacherous path to survive the horrors that unfold in the unforgiving wasteland.

Stay tuned for updates on Galluppi’s Evil Dead. The Last Stop in Yuma County releases in theaters and digitally on May 10th.

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