Avengers Star Ross Marquand Reveals Red Skull Voice Inspiration

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Influenced by a note from Joe Russo, Ross Marquand drew inspiration from Yoda’s ancient and doomed demeanor to portray Red Skull in “Infinity War” and “Endgame.” This direction diverged from Marquand’s initial attempts to imitate Hugo Weaving’s performance, as the directors sought to emphasize the cosmic nature of the Skull’s evolution.

Marquand, known for his portrayal of Charles Xavier in “X-Men ’97,” shared that finding the right voice for the character was a gradual process. However, once he nailed it, it felt like a perfect fit. Notably, the original Xavier voice actor, Cedric Smith, also voiced the iconic villain Red Skull at one point.

Marquand initially intended to imitate Hugo Weaving’s performance in “Captain America: The First Avenger” for his role. However, the Russo brothers advised against it, suggesting instead to incorporate aspects of Yoda to convey the character’s immense age and wisdom. Marquand modified his approach, creating a distinct voice that mirrored the creature’s centuries-long existence, its burden of knowledge, and its physical and mental toll.

View our full interview with Marquand on YouTube.

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