Chandler Riggs and Former ‘The Walking Dead’ Stars Team Up for New Movie

Six years after exiting “The Walking Dead” as Carl Grimes, Chandler Riggs has reunited with his former co-stars in a self-made short film. Riggs, who joined the show as a child actor, has pursued various roles since his departure but recently reconnected with the young stars of “TWD” for this passion project.

“It’s been incredible,” said Riggs to on the premiere red carpet for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. “Six and a half years have passed since I left the show, and I’ve spent much of that time in Los Angeles working towards various opportunities. I established my own production company, Smooth Blend Films, and have engaged in both directing and producing. Today, I just wrapped up directing a project and rushed here.”

On his latest project, Riggs reunites with Katelyn Nacon (Enid) and Madison Lintz (Sophia) from The Walking Dead. “It’s a short film that my roommate and I are producing and directing,” Riggs explains. “We’re excited to work with Katelyn and Madison again, along with other actor friends. It’s a thrilling and suspenseful story, and we’re grateful for the support of Panavision. We’re committed to creating the best film we can.”

No details have been released yet regarding the title or release date of Riggs’ upcoming short film. Additionally, his involvement in the upcoming series premiere of *The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live* is currently unknown. The first episode will air on Sunday and focus on the post-apocalyptic lives of Rick Grimes and Michonne, the father and mother of Carl Grimes.

Regarding his connections with former Walking Dead castmates, Riggs remains in contact with many. “We occasionally cross paths at conventions. Katelyn [Nacon], who portrayed Enid on the show, is a close friend of mine; we see each other frequently,” Riggs mentioned after reuniting with Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) at the premiere’s red carpet. “However, it’s primarily during events like this that we all reunite, which is wonderful.”


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