Boy Kills World: Grim Inspiration Behind Famke Janssen’s New Movie

Famke Janssen believes that portraying disturbed characters requires delving into a grim emotional space. For her role as Hilda in “Boy Kills World,” she avoided drawing inspiration from existing characters and instead explored the motivations driving Hilda’s actions. This approach led her to confront deeply unsettling emotions to effectively portray the character’s disturbed nature.

Getting somewhere dark doesn’t imply staying there. While actors may not completely immerse themselves in their roles, it’s intriguing to observe their creative process.

Janssen draws inspiration from personal experiences rather than other characters, believing that imitating others limits creativity. “I go into this deep well of hurt and childhood dysfunction,” Janssen explained, “and all the voices that…mm!…and then I use it.”

Janssen recently appeared in “Locked In” and “Knights of the Zodiac,” but she won’t reprise her role as Jean Grey in “Deadpool & Wolverine.” In an interview with ComicBook, she shared her belief that she may have finished playing the character. However, she left open the possibility for a return in the future.

Janssen expresses surprise at her return to the character of Jean Grey, having previously portrayed the character as the Phoenix in “X-Men: The Last Stand” and in flashbacks in “The Wolverine” and “Days of Future Past.”

In “Boy Kills World,” Bill Skarsgård portrays “Boy,” who seeks revenge following the murder of his family. Set in a post-apocalyptic realm, Boy faces formidable challenges. Unusually for the genre, he remains nearly silent as he eliminates threats with his fists. Yaya Ruhian trains Skarsgård’s character, navigating a setting that proves even more treacherous than anticipated.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling cinematic world of Boy Kills World now in theaters.

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