Director Wes Ball Talks ‘The Legend of Zelda’ Movie

Director Wes Ball wants the upcoming live-action “Legend of Zelda” movie to fulfill fans’ desires. He recently spoke to ComicBook about whether the protagonist, Link, will speak, a topic that has been a subject of speculation.

Ball provided insight into his approach to the movie: “I wanted to incorporate the game’s interactive element. Instead of voiced dialogue, I opted for pop-up dialogue boxes similar to the game, allowing the audience to choose Link’s responses.” He noted that Link communicates with villagers throughout the game, but his voice remains silent.

Ball’s statement suggests an embrace of Zelda’s franchise nature. While Link has not spoken in the main game series, he has spoken in the manga and 1989 cartoon series. The manga dialogue was limited to preserve Link’s “actions speak louder than words” persona, while the cartoon dialogue was deemed out of character.

As the director of the upcoming movie, Ball is an avid fan of the games, which he discussed in an interview. “Growing up playing the game has had a profound impact on me. It sparked my imagination and shaped me as a person. I’m a huge fan, so I’ll approach the film with that passion. My goal is to deliver something that both honors the property and creates a cinematic experience worthy of its legacy.”

Despite Nintendo’s previous reluctance to adapt their characters, the recent success of video game adaptations has led to a shift in their stance. Critics and audiences have become more receptive to these adaptations, as demonstrated by the positive reviews and high viewership of Prime Video’s “Fallout.” Nintendo’s upcoming collaboration with Universal Pictures on “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” further exemplifies this trend.

Longtime Spider-Man producer Avi Arad will produce The Legend of Zelda movie adaptation. Director Adam Ball recently hinted at the film’s tone, though specific details remain undisclosed.

Are you excited about the possibility of Link using his voice in the upcoming film?

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