My Hero Academia Team Shares BTS Look at Next Movie

My Hero Academia’s fourth major film, My Hero Academia: You’re Next, is set to debut in Japanese theaters this Summer. While the TV anime has returned with Season 7, the film offers an additional adventure delving into the devastated Japan between Seasons 6 and 7’s events.

My Hero Academia: You’re Next’s release in August is approaching, and sound production updates reveal its near completion. While international release plans are yet to be announced, the movie nears finalization.

What Is My Hero Academia: You’re Next?

“My Hero Academia: You’re Next” releases in Japan on August 2nd. An international release date hasn’t been announced yet. Kohei Horikoshi, the series creator, supervises and creates new character designs. Tensai Okamura directs the film for studio Bones. Yosuke Kuroda returns to write the script from the TV anime, while Yoshihiko Umakoshi and Yuki Hayashi return as character designer and music composer, respectively.

The setting for “My Hero Academia: You’re Next” is set after the War from Season 6, showcasing a collapsed society as the stage. After their experiences, Deku and his friends will face new adversaries and protect something unknown. Additionally, a villain inspired by All Might has been revealed, teasing an intriguing conflict.

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