Tyler Perry Movie Roasted in New Comedy

Kevin Daniels, star of the upcoming comedy “Not Another Church Movie,” anticipates Tyler Perry’s reaction to the film, which satirizes Perry’s filmography. The film, written and directed by Johnny Mack, stars Daniels as “Taylor Pharry” and “MaDude Himms” alongside Jamie Foxx, Mickey Rourke, Vivica A. Fox, Tisha Campbell, Jasmine Guy, Kyla Pratt, and Lamorne Morris. Daniels reflects on the film’s potential to evoke a response from Perry, given its comedic approach to his filmography.

“I grew up on spoof movies like ‘Not Another Teen Movie,’ ‘Scary Movie,’ and ‘Don’t Be a Menace.’ The Wayans Brothers were pioneers in this genre, and I believe there’s a renewed interest in seeing more of these films. I haven’t seen a spoof of Black films in a long time, so I thought this was a great opportunity to be part of one. I’m sure Tyler Perry would appreciate it, as he has a great sense of humor. It would be incredibly entertaining to do a movie with MaDude and Madea and see how their dynamics play out on-screen.”

What Is Not Another Church Moive Rated?

Since Not Another Teen Movie came up during our chat with Daniels, we mentioned how the 2001 comedy was extremely raunchy, and wondered if fans can expect the same from Not Another Church Movie, which is rated R.

One scene in the R-rated film pushes boundaries, leaving viewers uncertain if it crosses the line. Daniels hinted that there are additional scenes that are notable.

What Is Not Another Church Movie About?

You can read the official synopsis for the film here: “America’s favorite gun-toting, foul-mouthed, and boob-swaying sometimes-attending church-going lady is getting parodied! In the most hilarious display of holy jokes, ‘NOT ANOTHER CHURCH MOVIE’ out-parodies the wildest moments of pop culture church antics with a no-holds-barred assault on the most popular images and talked-about moments from recent church-themed films and television. It tells the story of how God sends his favorite church-going son, Taylor Pherry, on a mission to tell his family stories and how the devil will have nothing to do with it, but in this hilarious comedy, Taylor does everything but sin as he serves God like no other man ever has.”

Not Another Church Movie opens in theaters May 10th.

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